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How Frequently Should Lesbian Partners Have Sexual Intercourse?

The purpose of the Frequency vs. Satisfaction Survey would be to figure out the correlation between intimate relationship and frequency satisfaction among lesbians. This researcher ended up being successful in attaining this objective, and in addition unveiled the next information along the way: the intimate regularity of lesbian partners when you look at the twenty-first century, a modern concept of lesbian intercourse in accordance with lesbians on their own, the intimate actions for which lesbians frequently engage, as well as the satisfaction amounts with intercourse since it pertains to frequency that is sexual.

This researcher hypothesized that there surely is maybe not a correlation that is strong intimate regularity and relationship satisfaction among lesbians.

Predicated on findings through the Frequency vs. Satisfaction Survey, this researcher concludes that because there is a correlation between intimate relationship and frequency satisfaction, the correlation is certainly not strong. Continue reading

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