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Awesome Sex Positions For Brief Girls With Actually Tall Boyfriends

Both you and your partner that is tall know fight: You can’t kiss while doing missionary without experiencing him not thrust deep enough; you can’t take action standing without wearing heels, tipping your feet, or looking at one step. The 69 could be pretty embarrassing. But despair that is don’t. You will find sex positions that really work nicely for you personally along with your man, whether you’re within the mood for one thing romantic or raunchy.

1. Lotus Flower

Just just How: ensure you get your partner to stay regarding the bed—he can sit along with his legs outstretched regarding the mattress, or he is able to to use the side of the sleep together with his legs on to the floor. Take a seat on him and put your feet around their waist.

This place enables you to write out or kiss one another’s throat and collarbones, while having intercourse during the time that is same. These then make intercourse through the Lotus Flower place intimate and hot in the exact same time. Since you’re sitting on his lap along with your feet covered around their waist, height prevents being a concern.

2. Spooning

Exactly just How: Lie working for you in a slight fetal place in the front of your BF who’s also lying exactly the same way, dealing with exactly the same way when you are.

Spooning works because it’s your ex who plays the small spoon. With you along with your partner lying on your own edges and conference at your midsections, your height huge difference does not interfere utilizing the intercourse unlike when you’re standing up.

3. Woman over the top

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