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Girl ‘so fat her thighs bled’ ditched her day-to-day practice to not be ‘w >Sara Swallow, 31, would binge eat on fattening and sugary snacks, but chose to change her entire life style after her partner asked her to marry him

  • 14:21, 18 OCT 2019
  • Updated 14:34, 18 OCT 2019

A lady who had been so fat her legs bled once they applied together, destroyed six stone because she don’t desire to be a ‘wide bride.’

Self-proclaimed chocoholic Sara Swallow ballooned to a size 22 eating chocolate that is family-size every single day being a treat.

The 17-stone mum of two would also binge consume candies, biscuits and whole tubs of ice-cream on her behalf very own along with fattening takeaways and unhealthy foods.

She ended up being therefore obese she could just squeeze her foot into flipflops and her GP declined to provide her the pill that is contraceptive it absolutely was too dangerous for ‘obese ladies’. Continue reading