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Is Eastern Europe safe for black colored individuals?

In the beginning this short article ended up being said to be called “Is Eastern Europe safe?”. But slowly, this web site gets increasingly more visitors (yesss! :D), now we get communications on event from people we don’t understand. Lately, the communications i obtained had been among those lines “Hey! just What you’re doing now, that’s cool! It will require courage to visit alone in Eastern Europe. I’m about to travel around Eastern Europe, I’m black colored and I’ve never ever been there. I happened to be wondering… You don’t have any issues? Can it be safe? Will they be racists towards black colored individuals? It’s maybe not dangerous? We hear reasons for this or that nation in your community, thus I don’t really know…”

After investing 1 hour at an alcohol spa in Prague.

Hmmm… i am aware worries of racism. We additionally heard lots of things about Eastern Europe, and some individuals around me additionally made remarks before my journey “exactly why are you planning to Hungary? Continue reading