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The Way The NBA’s Tom Meschery Became Friends With Wilt Chamberlain 04:10

This tale is a component of just A Game’s Thanksgiving Leftovers Show.

Often you may well ask question and also you understand precisely where it is likely to simply take you.

That’s maybe perhaps not what occurred whenever I spoke with Tom Meschery.

“therefore, the thing that was your relationship with Wilt like?” I inquired.

“Well it absolutely was — it absolutely was . it ended up be — he had been a really guy that is distant” Meschery starts.

Meschery and Wilt fundamentally became close friends. However they didnt’ start out this way.

Wilt Chamberlain had been referred to as a good man but a selfish player. Therefore I asked Tom Meschery, ended up being here minute whenever you were playing together whenever you thought, “Oh, yeah, we’re likely to be more than just teammates whom tolerate one another”?

“we think we actually — it really is hard to state,” Meschery stated.

He paused for a number of years. After which he established in to a tale we hadn’t heard somewhere else.

Chamberlain in 1970. (Wen Roberts/AFP/Getty Pictures)

“Well, there clearly wasn’t a minute. There clearly was an event, really,” he stated. “this might be a really story that is little-known. Wilt and I also had been on an airplane traveling back once again to Philadelphia. We had been both solitary. We had been both attempting to . um, keep in touch with the stewardesses? Is the fact that real means you place it? I suppose. Continue reading