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Research from the 1950s describes the correlation between foot and intimate arousal

The “body image map” understood once the Penfield Homunculus describes why people could be intimately stimulated by foot.

Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran, a neurologist and teacher of neuroscience and therapy in the University of Ca, hillcrest, has invested years learning and analyzing the mechanisms that are neural cause individual habits.

Ramachandran describes the outcomes of a research he conducted in the phenomenon that is clinical as “the phantom limb”, where those that have lost limbs continue steadily to have vivid feelings (pain or perhaps) where in fact the missing limb is.

Chronic phantom discomfort is present in about ? of patients who may have had a limb eliminated, and also this trend may additionally explain base fetishism, also.

In accordance with Ramachandran, every point in your human body has a matching point in your mind.

Whenever an individual loses a limb, the mind rewires the location associated with brain this is certainly attached to that section of your system and may usually make it feel as if there is certainly nevertheless a limb here – here is the explanation present in studies of phantom lacking limb discomforts.

In another of Ramachandran’s studies, many individuals that has lost a foot additionally stated that they are able to experience sexual satisfaction from contemplating their missing foot.

Although this might seem unorthodox, a groundbreaking research through the belated 1950s demonstrates this concept.

Wilder Penfield established the “body image map” (described as The Penfield homunculus) which discovered that feelings within the human anatomy straight correlated to stimulations in a variety of areas of our mind. Continue reading