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Turkish traditions and culture surrounding the realm of love and wedding could be strange to outsiders – rather than only a little old fashioned

We explore dating, engagement, marriage and love in Turkey and all sorts of its glorious variety.

Dating in Turkey

In bigger metropolitan areas, dating is more calm. However in Turkey’s more rural communities the old traditions nevertheless go on: arranged marriages, strange rituals like womens’ single status being “advertised” by having a bottle that is empty the roof of a residence (a person would knock the container down to become examined for wedding suitability – by the woman’s dad, needless to say).

As a whole, even yet in bigger, less conservative metropolitan areas, dating is really a severe enterprise, and there’sn’t a whole lot of casual dating taking place. Oddly, an “ I love you” comes quite early on – also it’s followed closely by romantic gestures to show the effectiveness of your love. That might be plants, gift ideas or big gestures that are romantic. To those of us from the western globe, this sort of behavior isn’t just on the top – it is a bit creepy. However in Turkey these gestures are thought sweet, and just an indication of devotion. Needless to say, it is the man that does all of the playing around. Nonetheless, culture is evolving so when Turkey grows into its twenty-first century epidermis, traditions are changing, with ladies moving from the passive to a role that is active including into the world of courtship. Continue reading